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Modernisation Partnership for the South-Eastern Baltic Areа

Official site - https://www.cbss.org/seba/

At a June 7, 2011 The 16th ministerial session of the Council of Baltic Sea States (CBSS) endorsed by the Oslo Declaration, under which it was decided to proceed with the project for the modernization of the Partnership for South-East Baltic Sea (SEBA), involves the development of programs to promote accelerated development of the Kaliningrad region (CR) and adjacent areas.
The project aims to implement the following objectives: to attract attention to this area of South-East Baltic Sea and support the modernization and interoperability with other areas of the region, the design and communicative activities, dialogue with stakeholders.

Main activities of the project - tourism, cultural heritage, public-private partnership (PPP), sustainable development, youth and education.
With regard to public-private partnership program of partnership for the modernization of the South-East Baltic Sea (SEBA) has become part of the recently launched a network of experts in the CBSS PPP. With it will be selected by the best practices in PPPs in the region and developed the idea of using this concept to new areas, such as urban planning and the creative industries.
April 25, 2012 in Berlin during the "Baltic Sea Day", organized by the German presidency of the CBSS, held a meeting on the implementation under the auspices of «SEBA» more projects in the Kaliningrad region in two directions: the development of boating and launching of public-private partnership .

In Rostock / Warnemünde, May 3-4 this year During the conference, "Building a tourist region on the Baltic Sea" also held a meeting in the SEBA, which discussed potential projects in the field of tourism. In October 2012 a seminar will be held in Kaliningrad on the subject of PPP.

The culminating event of the partnership program will be a large-scale conference on the results of a two-year period, which will be held in Kaliningrad in 2013 under the Russian chairmanship of the CBSS. It will be noted during the current and future efforts to upgrade regional cooperation.

Project Co-ordinator from the local residents of Kaliningrad was hired with funds allocated by the German presidency of the CBSS, for a period of 18 months, starting from January 2012 selection of the coordinator was in close collaboration with the Information Office of Nordic Council of Ministers in Kaliningrad. The Coordinator reports to the Secretariat of the CBSS in Stockholm.
During the first months of the Coordinator had several meetings with interested in such cooperation by the authorities and the business community and selected a number of potential projects:

Recreation and tourism cluster "Vyshtynetskoe Lake" (The development of a transnational nature park, which will introduce new models of sustainable tourism, environmental education and active participation of the local population);

Improving the infrastructure of inland waterway tourism (integration of the Kaliningrad region to the existing and growing network of inland waterways, maritime and boating);

The development of maps and guidebooks for the "young travelers";

Promoting the use of the practice of PPP (PPP exchange experiences with the purpose of the use and development of PPP projects in the North-West Federal District of Russia);

Youth camp "Baltic Artek" (support for the initiatives of talented and creative young people, promoting healthy lifestyles, civic and legal education of youth, youth international and interregional cooperation);

Creation of a European Law Institute at the base of the Baltic Federal University. Kant.

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