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CSO in Pskov

  23-24 October 2012
  Interventions of the representatives of the Pskov Region Government

Tourist-recreational Cluster "Pskovskiy"
(Deputy Chairman of the State Committee of the Pskov Region on Tourism, Investments and Spatial Planning)


Prospective directions for development of projects in the area of environmental protection at the territory of Pskov region
(Head of Section of the State Committee of the Pskov Region on Resource Management and Environment Protection)


Forming of a joint labour market in the Baltic Sea Region
(Associate Professor of Finance and Credit Department of the Pskov State University)


Fuel and energy complex of the Pskov Region
(Director General of "Pskov Utility Systems")

Interventions of the members of International Expert Group and Consortium of the EuroFaculty-Pskov Project

International Master Programme
Ilona Baumane-Vitolina, University of Latvia Peter Zetting, University of Turku


International Management Development Programme Dr. Kirsi Kostia
Chairman of Management Development Working Group


Regional Development and Innovation
Professor Pasi Malinen, D.Sc.BID Business Innovation and Development @ UTU


Denmark Roskilde University
Poul Wolffsen Corporate Finance Chairman for WG1 - Bachelor

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