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The Russian CBSS Presidency style

Preparing for its Presidency in the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) in 2012-2013 Russia held an open All-Russian contest on creating a logo for the Presidency.

The contest was organized by the Agency for Youth Affairs of Kaliningrad region together with the Ministry of Sport and Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

In addition to the main goal of the contest – to design a logo that reflects the theme and priorities of the Russian CBSS Presidency – it was also aimed to raise public awareness especially of the young people about the CBSS activities which pays much attention to the youth policy.

Young people aged 14-30 from different regions of Russia took part in the competition.
The event consisted of three stages: collecting and selecting applications (1-27 April 2012), an open voting (1-10 May 2012) and the final analysis to define a winner.

After the preliminary examination selected works were posted in the social networks, and through the open voting the winner was found: a student from the school in Zelenogradsk Anna Rozvadovskaya achieved a victory in the contest.

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The Agency for Youth Affairs transferred its right to use this logo (or its individual components) to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the CBSS Secretariat.
The work by Anna Rozvadovskaya was taken as the basis to develop the final version of the logo made by professional designer S.Lipatov.


person1 20012 copyImplementation and successful completion of this project is largely the result of the active work of the Director of the Agency for Youth Affairs of Kaliningrad region T.Vasileva, the Head of the Unit for civil and patriotic education and employment E.Demina and adviser of the Department of Youth Policy and Public Affairs of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Russian Federation M.Filaretova who dealt with the major part of the practicalities of the competition. In addition, the contest was a success in promoting the Russian CBSS Presidency in the Russian sector of the Internet. person2 200 copy

The logo is an integral part of the Russian CBSS Presidency image as a dynamic, innovative and project-oriented stage in the development of the Council.


Modernist symbol of the Presidency is close to aesthetic system of constructivism: form-building, pure colors of the Russian flag. The sign itself is a stylized image of a ship. Graphic elements of the symbol – similar triangles – shape the graphical pattern which visually supports the logo of the Presidency and can be used independently on any item of the Presidency style as well as in the virtual space.

Together the sign and the pattern become a flexible branding tool which can solve various communication and information issues without losing visual quality and recognizability.

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