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The Bridge over the Baltic Sea

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A new issue of international journal about the countries of the Baltic region has been published.

A new issue of international journal “ The Amber Bridge ” has been published in Russian and English on the eve of the start of Russia’s presidency in CBSS.

The president of the International Public Fund “The Amber Bridge” Yuri Sizov told the correspondent of the Russian Newspaper that the meaning and the content of their work was primarily in the establishment of direct broadband bridges of humanitarian and scientific cooperation with all ten countries of the Baltic region.

He continued that this year in April their organization was presented at the meeting of the Committee of Senior Officials of CBSS in Berlin and now they are general partners of CBSS. Russia takes over the presidency of this international organization from Germany from July of this year. Yuri Sizov also told that issued material contained article called “Finish for Germany – Start for Russia” and he marked that there was also printed speech of German President Joachim Gauck in the journal.


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